Monthly Women's Discussion Groups

They were launched in 2018 and have been running ever since!


Some history:

We came together to talk about the concept of putting ourselves higher up our list of priorities and found ourselves leaving with a much deeper understanding of why it is so vitally important.


Each woman had a different story - being a carer, not speaking up, being worn out, getting sick and each story was pertinent and relevant to so many others in the room. There were moments to talk about 'why' and other moments to talk about 'how' but there was no question that we each have the power to be the change we want to see in our lives and that as a community we can have a significant impact.

Natalie Ward MLC was our guest speaker and her speech showed us that legislation and programs are in the making and there is no lack of awareness of what is needed but there is an awareness of everything taking so much time that we need to be part of the solution.


We all wanted a Connected Community because we knew that being connected meant we were able to have a wider base of support in times of a major or minor wobble.


Our #LoveMeFirst have matured into #TimeForMe as monthly discussion groups


Check out the Wellbeing for Women website for further information and details of upcoming groups.

Bookings are required.

The discussion groups will be an investment of $10 per person. Any profits will be donated to the Rotary Community Caring Awards.

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